Michael Myers Halloween (2018) Final Battle Mask


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What’s Next?When it comes to Michael Myers, the end is never the end. No matter how many strikes Michael makes, people are always underestimating him. When the journalist, Aaron Korey thought that he could show the legendary killer his mask and go about making his podcast in peace, he was dreadfully mistaken. Even the doctor that knew Michael best didn’t keep his guard up long enough to survive his silent wrath. Laurie Strode is the only one out there who knows what Michael really is. She knows that fire and blood isn’t enough to stop the boogeyman. While we’re rooting for her survival, we can’t help but wonder what’s next for this unstoppable nightmare villain!Costume DetailsThis mask allows you to dress up as Michael after facing off with expertly-prepared, Laurie Strode. It shows the mask with tears, blood, and burn marks. You’ll seem as if you’re almost as unstoppable as the horror movie monster, without having to go through the pain. Good thing too, because we pity anyone other than Micheal who faces up to the ever-ready Laurie!Serial Suspense Are you pumped for the next Halloween movie? Want to watch all the Halloween movies with friends and family? Get them pumped with this Micheal mask. You can always make up for making them scream with fright by making them a nice big batch of popcorn to stress eat during the scariest Halloween scenes!

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