Michael Myers Halloween (Rob Zombie) Beginning Resilient Mask

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Not Your Typical “Zombie Mask”Michael Myers is easily one of the most popular slashers in all of Horror. From his first appearances in John Carpenter’s Halloween and all the original sequels to the newer remakes, Michael has always been nothing shy of absolutely TERRIFYING! Sure, there’s Jason and Freddy. They are scary as well but those two have the help of supernatural forces when they go on their killing sprees. Michael is just an extremely scary and seemingly unkillable human being with a thirst for carnage. Whether it’s any number of kitchen appliances, tools, or even his bare hands, he always finds a way to end his victims. He is one guy you do not want to meet in a dark ally! Now, thanks to this Halloween Michael Myers Beginning Resilient Mask, you can transform yourself into Rob Zombie’s version of Haddonfield’s vicious serial killer. Zombie’s version of Michael was truly haunting and, now, bringing that horror to life is simple. Whether you want to prank your friends into thinking they’re about to meet an early grave or simply enjoy some Halloween festivities, this Michael Myers mask is a must-have for every Halloween fan! Be sure to look at the rest of our accessories and costumes to put together the ultimate Micheal Myers costume.

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