Michigan Wolverines Child Uniform Costume


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Hail! to the victors valiantHail! to the conqu’ring heroesHail! Hail! to MichiganGO BLUE!Few fans understand the love, and devotion to their team like Michigan fans. And sure Michigan has hockey, and basketball, but Wolverines football is where it’s at. It’s where all the fans come out rain, shine, or horrible snow to watch their team play. You wear that navy blue, and yellow with pride. Teaching your kids that they are Michigan fans. And that means a certain level of discipline. Like traveling a few hundred miles to go see a game whenever you can. Sitting on ice cold bleachers as Ohio State gets creamed by the boys in blue. Your son even wants to be a Wolverine when he goes off to college. And boy has he been working on his kick, always reminding you “laces up!”Well, for your next game let him look like his favorite football team with this Michigan Wolverines Child Uniform. He will be so stoked that he gets to sing the fight song dressed like all the guys down on the field, that he will promise to do the dishes for a month because he is so grateful. He will look like a real star in this navy blue jersey, and yellow pants. And don’t worry, he can choose what number he wants to be, either his favorite player, or maybe his future Wolverine number. The same one that will be hanging on the wall of the Hall of Fame. GO BLUE!

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