Military Commander Costume for Girls


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Mission timeIt’s time for a mission. That’s right! It’s top-secret and of the utmost importance. Like, totally, super-important! It’s going to take the top soldiers in the platoon, and it’s going to take an elite leader, too. We better call on an all-time great commander to lead this Black Ops mission!So, the mission is (drumroll please) raiding the pantry, of course, and all the sweetest snacks are on the line. We’re talking cupcakes, candy, and maybe even some soda to wash it down, too! But it’s going to take a top caliber force to take control of the disputed territory in the kitchen. We just better make sure their commander is a total boss.Which is why we’re calling on your girl to be the leader. She’s ready, she’s willing, and gosh darnit, she’s pretty hungry, too! We’re sure she won’t mind ordering her besties around in a kitchen take-over, but we better get her dressed for the part. With this Girl’s Military commander Costume!Design & DetailsThis Girl’s Military Commander is Made by Us, designed right here in our own costume studios! Our costume designers studied other girl’s military costumes, and even watched some action flicks, too, for design inspiration. The end result? This super stylish costume. It’s a serious upgrade from your standard costume experience!Camo pants and a printed t-shirt style top look decidedly military-chic, and the vest and pillbox hat just seal the deal. You can add a pair of aviator shades, fingerless gloves, and a bullet bandolier to get the costume look just like we have it pictured, but in all honesty, it looks great without the accessories, too! Costume fun or just for regular ol’ funWhen costume season is on the horizon, a military costume is an always-popular Halloween choice. But the fun doesn’t have to stop after Halloween! There’s plenty of backyard fun to be had, too, and this costume is ready for playtime. Check out all of our kids’ military costumes to get your whole platoon outfitted in camo!

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