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THE ULTIMATE TRICKWhen your kiddo gets to a certain age, suddenly, all those early years of trying to help them learn how to talk begins to feel like a horrible mistake. Now, suddenly, they know so many words. In fact, they seem to be inventing new ones. They chatter in a foreign language about things that you feel you should be understanding at least in context, but how can any parent stay woke when the kids are obvs geekin with the fam with NC during a Code 9 to KPC. You 123?… We’re not even sure what we just said, there. The point is that sometimes with all the confusing chatter in newfangled slang, it sometimes brings you back to the days when they didn’t say much at all! If only we could head back there for a moment’s peace that might give us a chance to at least Google what the heck anything means. Well, there are definitely options! And, while we’re at it, we can even throw in a dose of amazing French culture! DESIGN & DETAILSOur amazing design team took a whole month’s vow of silence to work on this glorious and exclusive Mime Costume. This 3/4-length sleeved shirt has the iconic black and white stripes of the street performer look which matches perfectly with the black elastic shorts. The iconic mop hat helps to cinch the look while the red suspenders and scarf give just enough of a flair of color that your little mime is bound to get some attention. Remember the white face paint to help the kiddo stay expressive! KNOW EVERYTHING THEY SAYThere are really only two ways to be sure that you can translate your kiddo. Either walk around with a Tween-2-Classic translator app on your phone or have them speak in pantomime instead! At least with the latter, you’ll also have a great costume available for all your parties!

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