Monarch Butterfly Cape for Kids


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When we see the robin we know that winter is on its way out, even as snow is still on the ground. When the lilacs begin to bloom we know that we won’t have to shiver through any more chilly nights. Depending on where you live, when you see the monarch it could be a sign of late spring, deep summer, or fall. When you watch a cloud of monarchs migrate it’s an amazing experience. One monarch is a beautiful thing, a group is spectacular. There’s a reason we call this butterfly the monarch. This butterfly is the king of pretty, colorful insects. They travel from North to South every year, covering an amazing amount of distance and meeting up for colorful family reunions every so often. People who see these gatherings never forget it. When your child dresses up as the monarch, they are dressing as an icon. They are sure to feel magical in the orange and black patterned wings. You’ll love watching her flitting around as if she’s a butterfly in a field of flowers. Whether she’s dressing up for Halloween or a Mayday parade, she’ll never forget how freeing it feels to be a monarch.

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