Moose Critter Lazy One Kids Blanket

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The Great OutdoorsWhen we’ve settled in at home for a night of TV, books, or board games, there’s one thing that we’re pretty sure about. We’re glad that the outdoors are outdoors, and that all of that outdoorsy stuff is safely separated by exterior walls. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy camping every now and again, but we certainly wouldn’t want to live with all those animals and critters all the time.Well, perhaps we might make an exception. For a moose. A plush moose! Yeah, a small pair of horns inside the home wouldn’t be too bad, especially when it’s your child just snuggled up in this fun Moose Critter Costume Kid’s blanket. With fun and decidedly Moose-ey details, we’re sure any boy or girl will love slipping on the moose hood and showing off those horns when you’re all hanging out.Product DetailsThis Moose Critter Kids Blanket measures about 40″ by 50″ and is made of lightweight, super snuggly polyester fleece. The hood featured embroidered facial details and plush horns. There are hand pockets in the upper corners to get an extra cozy wrap, and the pockets even feature “hooves” for extra moose detail.Moose BusinessWe think “Moosing” around the house is a really great idea, and in fact, we’ve got Moose costumes, too! Whether your whole family is into nature and wild experiences or if you’d just like to create some unique playtime experiences, check out all of our costumes and accessories to outfit your family with the most fun stuff.

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