Mountain Goat Plus Size Costume 2X


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Goats Gone WildGo ahead. Brainstorm a list of the creatures who you think really live it up in the animal world. Dolphins? Sure, that’s an easy one! All that flipping and spinning in the waves looks like a blast. Monkeys always seem to be enjoying their antics. Butterflies live lovely lives, flitting about from one blossom to another. And those meerkats are definitely living up their televised fame!But…you’ve left out one very important critter! The humble mountain goat may not seem like an obvious choice, but look closer and you’ll see a real party animal! Horned and bearded, these nimble climbers live in some of the most beautiful mountain terrains in the world. And due to their surefootedness, they can frolick on rock ledges, scrambling up and down the Rockies with the kind of carefree precision that makes professional rock climbers jealous. From up in the skies, they get to take in some spectacular vistas, and that makes them jump (up to 12 ft!) with joy. Design & DetailsOur design studio wants to make it very clear: while this Mountain Goat Plus Size Costume will have you looking just like your favorite alpine animal, it does not guarantee you a goat’s sure footing. Meaning: climb mountains at your own risk in this costume! Lucky for you, you don’t even need to summit a snowy peak to have a blast in this white jumpsuit. It has black “hoof” accents at the wrist and feet, and it will keep you warm, just like a real mountain goat’s thick fur. Attach the headpiece over your noggin and get ready to get on the horn to all your pals, exclaiming just how much fun you’re having. As Goat as it GetsSo now that you know what a joy it can be to frolic up and down rocky terrain, you’re ready to take on Halloween, bleating “YOLO!” every chance you get as you hoof it around town from one party to the next!

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