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ETERNALLY CURIOUSWhen things are strange, mysterious, quizzical, or downright odd, there has to be someone that can look into the enigma and uncover the truth. Now, there are plenty of agents in the Odd Squad who are able to dive into the mystery, but only the big leader has been around long enough to really know what’s what! But, that only brings up one other oddity! Who knows how this little gal manages to keep her youth for what must be going on hundreds of years, now? Immortality? Eternal youth? Did she come by the Holy Grail? Perhaps she’s secretly a vampire! Well, that would probably make the mystery-solving show quite a different thing. It seems that the only way we can actually find out how Ms. O keeps trucking on is by not only joining up with the Odd Squad but by getting really close to the leader. You know as good as we do that the best way to do that? You guessed it — look the part! DESIGN & DETAILSUnfortunately, Ms. O is rather short in stature. It’ll be tough to look just like her with our normal height. We might need to bring in some help. Fortunately, our in-house designers and your kiddo will make the perfect pairing with this officially licensed Ms. O Costume from The Odd Squad. This shirt, skirt, and jacket combo is the perfect replica of the outfit she wears in the show, from its navy blue base and dark purple shirt. The badge and agent card make everything fully authorized and totally fun. GET TO SOLVING THE STRANGE!Now, when your kiddo gets geared up as Ms. O, you might notice that they get a little bossy. That’s to be expected. They are a hundreds-year old sleuth, after all. Just keep them focused on the prize: eternal youth. It’ll be all worth it!

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