Neon Blue Leg Warmers – 80s Costume Ideas, Halloween Costumes


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If your Halloween plans including being a maniac on the floor, you’re going to need one of the most iconic fashion fads from the 1980s in your wardrobe. Of course, we’re talking about leg warmers, which in 1983 became the hottest thing since sliced bread thanks in large part to the movie “Flashdance.” So if you’re going for a Jennifer Beals vibe this Halloween, or trying to find the ideal accessory for that awesome retro costume, these Neon Blue Leg Warmers are an absolute must-have!Stretchy and over two feet long, you can wear them lots of different ways (stretched out or scrunched up around your ankles, like in the picture), and thanks to elastic, they’ll stay where you want them to all night long. They make an awesome addition to your fashion repertoire whether it’s Halloween or not, and, y’know, they’ll keep your legs warm, too!

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