Nexo Knights Clay Lego Child Mask

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Clay Moorington is more than just the heroic leader of the Nexo Knights. He’s the most “heroically heroic hero, ever,” as he humbly puts it. As a legendary fighter, he practically lives in his boxy suit of armor, ready to snap into action whenever trouble knocks. Can you imagine what it would be like to always be wearing heavy battle armor everywhere you went? It would definitely make scratching an itch a problem… You’re little knight is in luck, if they want to look as awesomely heroic as Clay, but without all the extra clunky armor weighing them down. When they put on this official LEGO Nexo Knights Clay Mask, they will be ready to face off against Jestro in whatever outfit they feel like! The face mask is molded to look like Clay’s face behind his armor helmet and lowered visor. The yellow part is actually see-thru mesh printed with details to look like an intimidating scowl. It looks great with a knight costume, or any other style they want to save Knighton in!

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