Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Dog Costume w/ Light-up Nose


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Woooooooof! Everyone knows what a dog says. “Woof, woof!” Everyone also knows what a ghost says. “Woooooo!” But, we’re still a little bit unsure what a ghost dog says. We suspected it would be a cute combination, but it turns out that every ghost pup barks in their own unique way. Either way, they make the Halloween season exceptionally fun. The only question left is when you want your pupper to join you on your little holiday nightmare! Product DetailsGive your pet a chance to join in the Halloween fun with this officially licensed Nightmare Before Christmas dog costume. This dog shirt and hood transform your pet into the iconic ghost dog, Zero, from the film! The shirt fits around your pet’s neck and the hood holds its position with elastic. LED lights in the nose even give your pet their supernatural flair. All you need now is a good Jack Skellington costume to go with it! Best Buddies ForeverSo, we’re not actually sure that ghost dogs are actually still furry. So, we’re not sure if we can call them ‘furry friends’ at that point, anymore. But the fact that they can hang around whenever they like and light your way (just as much as they light up your heart) is a bit of an advantage, too! Help your own pup feel like they are part of the fun with this Zero Dog Costume from Nightmare Before Christmas.

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