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Ready to RuleSome girls were just made to rule! Take the famous Cleopatra, for instance. She didn’t let anything get in her way of leading Egypt! She outsmarted her scheming brother. She hid in a rug to get help from Julius Caesar. Then she teamed up with Mark Antony to make sure that she could continue ruling her lands.Well, maybe your little girl isn’t quite ready to go to the same lengths as the real Cleopatra, but she is pretty tenacious, isn’t she? Perhaps she’s already taken to giving commands or perhaps she already squabbles with her sibling over who gets to rule the roost! If you can see a young ruler in training in your girl, then it’s time for her to wear this Girl’s Nile Princess Costume.Product DetailsThis costume comes with everything your little girl needs to feel like a pharaoh! It’s inspired by the historic ruler, Cleopatra, and it begins with a pullover style, sleeveless dress. It features a long, blue stripe down the center, which symbolizes the Nile river. The costume also comes with a colorful collar, which has various Egyptian themed patterns and designs on it and it even has a sheer cape attached to the back of it. The headpiece has a shimmering gold exterior and a snake emblem on the front of the headband. Finally, the costume comes with a pair of matching gold wrist cuffs, which are a one-size fits most style.Ancient AccessorizingNow you just need to find an ancient civilization for her to rule over! Of course, you could always just let her rule the living room until she gets enough experience to lead an entire country! Be sure to check out all of our great Egyptian style accessories, like our staves and our sandals!

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