Ninja Assassin Costume for Boys


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Kids grow up so fast. One minute they’re sitting in a crib wearing diapers and the next, they’re heading on their first ultra-secret shinobi espionage mission. We know it’s an emotional time, but that shouldn’t get in the way of keeping him prepared. He must harness the power of the shadows to blend into the background. He must become invisible to the naked eye. He’s probably not going to do that wearing a button up shirt and a pair of khakis!If your child wants his first ninja mission to be complete success, then he’s going to need the right gear. That starts with having the right costume. This kids Ninja Assassin costume comes with everyone your child needs to kick some serious butt and blend into the shadows. It comes with a black shirt with a matching pair of black pants. The faux leather gauntlets and leg guards add a realistic look that will have him ready to pummel his opponents with ninja precision. A matching belt fits around the waist. The included harness has plenty of space for your little warrior to fit his ninja weapons inside of it and the included mask helps him conceal his identity during high stakes missions.No longer will your kid be spotted in his flashy street clothes! He’ll finally be able to fade into the darkness and cleanly defeat his foes when he wears this exclusive costume. And make sure to equip him with one of our ninja swords-you don’t want him walking into a ninja battle unarmed, do you?

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