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Crack Open That ShellThe holiday season is a time of joy and togetherness. There are many holiday parties to attend with friends and family which means lots of chit-chats with people you rarely see. Striking up a convo with your little cousin Francis once a year can feel like pulling teeth, but we think we may have a solution: the Child Nutcracker Costume. It’s a great way to come out of your shell! You’re concealed from head-to-toe with the complete freedom to be yourself and entertain a room full of guests. Know ballet? Put on a dazzling ballet performance for everyone. Don’t know ballet? Put on a dazzling ballet performance anyway! (See where we’re going with this?) When you’re disguised as a lifesize nutcracker, you’ll feel able to do anything, well, except crack open a walnut. Leave that for the professional nutcrackers. Use this costume to have a better, more fulfilling holiday season. Bring it back out for Halloween to brush up on your plies and arabesques! Design & DetailsDance along to Tchaikovsky, practice marching in place, or eat a whole bunch of walnuts wearing the high-quality Child Nutcracker costume! A Made by Us design, this costume comes with everything needed for a whimsical transformation. The jacket has fringe on the padded shoulders and golden embroidered accents. The comfortable pants have a stretchy elastic waistband with stripes going down the sides. The soft-sculpted headpiece completes the disguise and features rosy cheeks, typical nutcracker teeth, and an impressive beard. The attached feathered hat completes the costume.The Land of SweetsEvery Nutcracker needs his Sugar Plum Fairy. Turn this into a one of a kind duo costume by having cousin Francis (or any of the cousins) dress in a ballerina costume for kids. You two will put on a holiday performance the family will never forget!

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