Olympic Goddess Womens Costume


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Remember when everything was about goddesses? Like everything…there were “Goddess” yoga and dancing classes, Top 40 songs with references about being a goddess, “Find Your Inner Goddess” self-help books, goddess meditations, goddess candles (featuring your favorite kind of Goddess, of course), “Embrace Your Inner Goddess” love tips in magazines, goddess t’shirts…it was like we took all the stuff that was normally reserved for fairy stuff and just replaced it with our interpretations of goddesses.And quite frankly, we were here for it! There’s something so super badass about imagining yourself as a goddess…let’s face it, literally none of them were shrinking violets or demure wallflowers. Even Venus, Goddess of Love, knew how to wield some straight up power when the time was right!That’s why we’re so down for this Women’s Olympic Goddess Costume. Like literally every time a goddess shows up in a Greek mythology tale, this costume will steal the scene at your next costume party! The cream dress is trimmed with black and gold brocade ribbon, and the right shoulder has an attached drape (there’s a clear strap for your left shoulder) with an antique-gold-tone molded plastic medallion that fastens with a safety pin. It even comes with a headband of black velvet ribbon with metallic gold braiding on both edges, with fastens with satin ribbon ties. But a quick ProTip: If strict historical accuracy is important, this isn’t the kind of costume you’d wear to a Roman toga party – it’s actually more similar to what ancient Greek Women wore. Add a pair of our goddess strappy sandals and our goddess wig to complete the divine look!

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