Optimus Prime Transformers 5 Child Gloves


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Optimus Prime time? We’re all about it. We’ve been rooting for Optimus and the rest of the Transformers way back since the 80s. The cartoons first entertained us on Saturday mornings, and we were sold on the intense Autobot action week after week.Of course, when the Transformers finally went to the big screen, they made quite a big impression there, too. And a whole new generation of fans got involved in Transformers fandom! They’ve had smash hit movies now for well over a decade, and Transformers The Last Knight, we have the newest installment in the franchise. And along with it, a brand new style for Optimus Prime!That’s right, his CGI has been updated, and he looks cooler than he ever has before. So, if your kid is set on becoming Optimus Prime this Halloween, all we gotta do is get them suited up in the latest style. Just don’t forget the gloves! These gloves are designed to match the Transformers The Last Knight Optimus Prime Costume, and they’ll have any kid ready for Autobot action.100 percent polyester, these gloves are fully printed, and are sized to fit most kids. Get these gloves and you’ll be well one your way to the coolest Halloween ever!

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