Original Nameless Ghoul Ghost BC Mask

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WHICH ELEMENT ARE YOU?The members of the Swedish heavy metal band, Ghost, might seem a little off-kilter to some, thanks to their dark music and reversed take on Roman Catholicism. But, when their identities are only known by the masks they wear, it might make it even more difficult to figure out what makes them tick.In fact, when your entire identity as a musician is wrapped up in a mask, how is anyone supposed to know who you are! You can’t carry around your instrument, all the time. Fortunately, their elemental symbols give a tiny indication. PRODUCT DETAILSStep into the shoes or, more accurately, the face of one of the members of the band with this Original Nameless Ghoul Mask. You’ll be able to see and breath through this molded plastic mask that is black as the hearts of the characters of the band, but no one else will be able to figure out who you are… maybe even with the elemental symbol! FIRE, WATER, EARTH, WATER, AND…?Everyone knows the four mystical elements, but when you’ve got five members on the stage wearing mighty masks that conceal their true identities, you need to have a fifth one to go with. “Spirit” and “Heart” seemed a little contradictory, but Ether is that perfect bit of everything and nothing at once! We definitely recommend that one for your Ghost auditions. Remember your mask!

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