Patchwork Scarecrow Costume for Adults


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The Scarecrow businessHave an idea about getting into the scarecrow business? We know what you’re thinkin. You’re predisposed with the less than glamorous facets of the job. You know, standing on a stake all day out in the cornfield. We’ll admit, it’s not the most stimulating position. But, there are some benefits!You see, sometimes, Scarecrows get to go off on adventures. Yup, every once in a while they get to set aside the humdrum life of fieldwork to get out of the field, and out into the big, wide world. And what awaits them? New friends, long walks, and mysterious cities!Sounds intriguing and we’ll assure you it certainly is. So, we’re sure you want to know your next steps. Well, the first is to tune up your resume. Get it tailored just right for a position in the scarecrow industry, and send it off. Then, just start to prepare the outfit for your new occupation. Start with this Patchwork Scarecrow costume, and you’ll be ready for the job!Design & DetailsThis Patchwork Scarecrow Adult Costume is Made by Us, which means it was designed right here in our own costume studios. Styled as a true to form take on a classic scarecrow style, this costume does not disappoint! It comes with a shirt, pants, hat, and hood. The blue shirt has an attached twine belt, and attached straw sections to make it look like you’re all stuffed up. The pants have multi-color patches attached and more straw attached to the pant cuffs. Just complete the style with the burlap mesh hood and hat, and you’ll be ready for business!Ready for adventureSo, to sum things up, when you choose this Scarecrow costume, you’re going to have everything in order for working in the field. Keep your cell phone on vibrate, though, even while you’re at work. You just never know when the next call is going to come through for a big-time adventure!

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