Pennywise Mask


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Are you ready to be the scariest clown ever to crawl out of the deepest, darkest depths of Stephen King’s mind? Then we think you’re ready to top off your circus themed costume with this terrifying Pennywise Mask! Once you slip this iconic and horrific mask over your face you’ll remind everybody of their greatest childhood fears. You may not be able to actually transform into your victims deepest fear like Pennywise does in the small town of Derry, Maine, but trust us this detailed mask is the real deal!It has the power to tap into memories people thought they had locked away long ago and it unleashes these nasty nightmares within their mind. We realize that’s not quite as terrifying as the powers of the real monster in It but still, the haunting effect this mask has on others is pretty impressive. Finish your Halloween costume with this Pennywise Mask and make everyone check under their beds before they go to sleep at night!

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