Pennywise Wig IT: The Movie


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Go Viral If Pennywise dancing the jig in a fiery pit of doom is your favorite part of Stephen King’s It, then we’re meant to be best friends. That’s our all-time favorite horror movie scene because it’s both terrifying and (creepily) endearing. We love how the Internet turned it into a hilarious meme and of course, we followed suit and superimposed the scene with all our favorite songs. (Pennywise can dance to anything, it’s unbelievable!) It wasn’t too long before we made the famous meme a reality by dressing up as Pennywise and doing the jig ourselves. We’re a couple ‘likes’ away from going viral and this officially licensed IT: The Movie Pennywise wig helped us get there. We couldn’t have properly imitated his movie-screen-sized forehead and wild tufts of orange hair without it!Product DetailsGet ‘jiggy’ with it while wearing a wig that captures Pennywise’s updated 2017 look. Crafted from latex and synthetic hair, this unique wig features a white cap which covers a large portion of the forehead to give you a disfigured appearance and clumps of fiery orange hair which sticks up in all directions. The included red makeup stick helps you get all of Pennywise’s iconic features.Break The InternetPair the matching Grand Heritage Pennywise costume with this wig and a red balloon then prepare for viral fame!

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