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How cool would it be to be a Pharaoh? You get to rule Egypt, and not only that, you get some pretty amazing pyramids and a sweet sphinx too! We love our monuments after all, and if your little guy feels the same way, than surely you’re going to want to get him into this kid’s Pharaoh Costume. With cool style, he’ll be ready to rule with his sister as Cleopatra, or to team up with his best bud as an ancient mummy!And, oh boy, what a Pharaoh he’s going to be. We’ll admit we just knew he had it in him. That’d he have all the skills and resolve to be a fair and rise ruler, and to help ancient Egypt become the most famous civilization of antiquity. You might be wondering how he’s going to go back in time to do all that, but take it from us and don’t worry about the logistics. Just get him this Pharaoh costume for boys!Yeah, it’ll all be fun and pretend, but when he starts talking about building those pyramids and learning to read hieroglyphics, he’s sure to get excited. And it’s going to be his turn to be top dog in Ancient Egypt with this costume! Featuring a basic white tunic, this costume features an over-sized headpiece along with a belt and cuffs to complete the theme. Just complete the look with a prop staff (sold separately) and he’ll be ready to rule the Nile in style!

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