Pickle Adult Costume


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Pickles are kind of a big “dill.” They basically make a lot of other food a lot better by adding crunch and a zesty flavor. For example, if your ham and cheese sandwich tastes like dirt, take out your jar of Vlasic pickles and add a few to your meal. Your sandwich that once tasted like dirt will taste magical all because you added this lovely green vegetable (yup, pickles are a vegetable). We understand that it’s really hard to trust anyone who doesn’t adore this delightfully sour snack, so don’t. Only associate with other pickle lovers. In fact, you should make it the base of all your relationships! Get those pickle-haters out of your life and commit to your unique lifestyle which solely revolves around your love for the deliciously addictive delicacy. Advertise that you’re serious about your affinity to pickles by wearing this pickle costume as much as possible. You’ll “relish” your time spent in this costume plus you’ll also rid the non-pickle lovers from your life quickly! This pickle costume for adults is an oblong shaped tunic that goes on over the head. It’s designed to look exactly like your favorite treat, complete with creases and bumps. Just stick your arms and legs through the appropriate holes and get ready to feel what it’s like to be your favorite food! Trust us, you’re about to feel like a very big “dill!”

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