Pirate Chest Candy Catcher Child’s Costume


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A sweet HalloweenWhoop whoop. He just got himself a whole bunch of super sweet trick-or-treat candy. And that’s not because he’s a salty pirate. He is quite piratey, but he’s not exactly a buccaneer. That’s not his costume theme! What we’re saying is that he’s about to become the actual pirate chest with this Kid’s Pirate Chest Candy Catcher Costume!That’s right, he can both employ a pirate theme, and become a treasure chest revered by pirates all over when he picks out this costume. Plus, with the costume’s Candy Catcher ability built right in, he’ll be able to hold all of his newly acquired treats right inside of his costume. Yup, we’re thinking this is going to be one sweet Halloween!Product detailsThis costume is designed as a polyester tunic that features a faux foam treasure chest attached to a pullover shirt. It has details like a skull and bones on the front, and it’s even got faux gold coins attached for dramatic effect. It also comes with a pirate hat to complete the theme, as well!We’ve got you coveredYou might have noticed if you’ve looked around our site, but we most definitely have got you covered for any kind of pirate adventure. We’ve got costumes to get all the kids dressed up in a Pirate theme, and of course, we’ve got plenty of adult pirate costumes to get the whole family in on the fun! Shop all of the top-selling styles to see what’s cool, and then be sure to get some accessories, too, to round things out. When you plan a pirate adventure with HalloweenCostumes, after all, we aim to make sure you’re set for a swashbuckling adventure.

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