Pirate Costume for Boys


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Avast ye, scurvy dog. If your child be hungerin’ for an adventurous lifestyle, then perhaps it’s high time that he be settin’ forth on a pirate’s journey. The quest is dangerous! He may have to battle against every manner of foe, from rival scoundrel pirates, to giant kraken capable of breaking a seafaring ship in two. He may have to decipher clues from a mysterious treasure map, or dig through piles of sand to find a chest full of gold. That last thing you want your child to do is worry about his outfit! That’s where we come in-with this boy’s pirate costume.This kid’s pirate costume gives your child the bonafide look of a swashbuckling buccaneer, ready for a trip across the seven seas. It comes with a puffy white pirate shirt with an attached vest and striped pirate trousers. There’s no need for boots either! A pair of boot covers that fit over your child’s shoes are attached to the trousers. Of course, no pirate outfit is complete without a headscarf! This costume comes with a red bandana with a gold Jolly Roger symbol on the front. Put it all together and your child will look like one slippery scoundrel, ready to engage in some skullduggery and treasure hunting. Just make sure to equip your little buccaneer with a set of our toy pirate weapons, since every good pirate needs a good cutlass at his side while he battles against his foes on the high seas

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