Pizza Fiend Face Mask

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Sad SliceBefore we saw this mask, we were pretty sure there was no way to truly mess up a slice of pizza. Now, to be fair, we’re true pizza lovers—there’s pretty much no pizza we won’t eat. Deep dish? The more crust the merrier! Sicilian? You betcha! Hawaiian? We mean, we have our limits, but sure, why not? Pizza is a perfect food. It’s impossible to ruin it, we thought, naively. And then…we encountered this Pizza Fiend Face Mask. And for the first time ever, we can’t go for a slice right now. It’s just so gruesome. And the fact that such a monstrosity has been made of such an angelic food sent down from the heavens, well, that makes the horror of this accessory that much worse!Product DetailsSo, given that the purpose of Halloween is to scare, we’d say this mask is pretty darn successful; a world in which pizza is unappetizing is basically a hellacious pit of despair we don’t want to live in. This sculpted mask is crafted from latex and features eye holes, so you can see who you’re haunting, as well a painted face made to look like a rotten, monstrous zombie pizza. Even the crust is a dead, gray color. It’s all very disturbing.Dead In 30 Minutes or LessBeware: Ordering this particular pizza is the fastest way to end up running for your life. Only the cruelest souls would inflict the pain of gross, inedible pizza on their nearest and dearest; but then again, Halloween is all about truly haunting imagery!

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