PJ Masks Night Ninja Classic Mask


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Does your son become a little bit of a villain once the sun goes down? No, don’t worry, we aren’t looking for suspects. There’s no reason to be embarrassed about his villainess ways. Even us grownups sometimes have a feud against bedtime. If your son takes to plotting naturally, has his friends enact those plots, and is alarmingly good at laughing maniacally, he just might be the Night Ninja. The PJ Mask team is a group of three six-year-olds who fight crime by night. The Night Ninja may not be the evilest villain but he’s without a doubt the coolest, with his fast and agile moves. He is always coming up with brilliant plans which he has his ninjalinos execute. Though the PJ Mask team always meddle in his schemes he always seems to be hatching a new plan. When your clever kid slips behind the ninja mask, the PJ team had better watch out. This Night Ninja’s plan won’t be foiled again.

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