PJ Masks Owlette Power Up Accessory

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ALL HER CLEVER PLAN?The PJ Masks have encountered all sorts of troubles in their adventures as a superhero trio. But, when a little accident caused all their powers to suddenly go on the fritz and the Night Ninja was able to swoop up a bunch of his own power, it seemed that they were in real trouble.Isn’t it a little coincidental that they managed to get that crystal statue fixed and not only got their powers back but managed to gain a few extra ones, too!? We don’t have any proof, but that wise Owlette seemed to get the best upgrade. Can’t help but wonder if she knew all along!PRODUCT DETAILSWhether your little Owlette was the brains behind that disruption or not, she’s more than earned this PJ Masks Owlette Power Up Accessory. This plastic beauty is a perfect replica of the one Owlette received that gives her the ability to turn a few gusts of wind into some powerful feathered energy bolts and give her that extra edge!TIME FOR A POWER BOOSTOwlette is more than just the smarts in the PJ Masks team. She’s also a powerhouse, so long as she’s got her Owlette Power Up Accessory. Even the odds for your little one with this boon from the crystal statue of the popular show!

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