PJ Masks Owlette Sunglasses


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There are many things that help make her day special. But… how many things can turn her day into an Owlette day? Sure, she thinks about PJ Masks all day long, and she spends a lot of time thinking about her favorite character Owlette too. But what if there was something that could turn her into Owlette?No, we’re not talking about some sort of cartoon transformation. We’re talking about a costume transformation! An Owlette costume is the most super fun Halloween costume there is, but sometimes for everyday play, there just isn’t enough time to get into costume for a quick PJ Masks adventure. And that’s what you need these sunglasses for!These goggles will give her the look of her favorite character. The oversized shades capture the costume look of the character, with the signature “owl cowl” covering her forehead. The lenses are rated for 100% UV protection, and they’re made of shatter proof material. The perfect accessory for a little everday fun or to add a fun touch to PJ Masks costumes, get her these officially licensed shades to make sure she has a very Owlette day!

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