Playful Pumpkin Costume for Girls


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A GORGEOUS GOURDThe mystical pumpkin appears in folklore throughout the world. Everyone basically understands that it belongs there, but hardly any really question why. We’ve got delicious pumpkin drinks that are featured in various wizarding communities. We’ve got witches turning folks into pumpkins and fairies turning pumpkins into celebratory vehicles. There are ghosts with pumpkin heads, Halloween kings with pumpkin titles, and peanuts with pumpkin idols!The mystery might never be solved about exactly why we have such love for the orange gourd, but there is no question that there is something pretty amazing about it. That only tells us that we need to have a signature look to elevate the winter squash on top of a pedestal that it really deserves. Of course, that means that we need a person who is just as amazing. Something tells us that you’ve got just the right delight in your life for such a role. DESIGN & DETAILSOur team of supernaturally skilled in-house designers have channeled spirit and inspiration both to create this exclusive Playful Pumpkin Costume for your darling. This zip-up hooded sweatshirt costume is a perfect heavy knit jersey fabric that makes it comfortable in any season. The vivid orange color will go great with those autumn tones and the printed face of a grinning jack-o-lantern makes it ripe for the picking! The hood features a stem accent that perfects this pumpkin fun while the ribbed cuffs and hem ensure that it remains a comfortable fit for all of All Hallows Eve! ONE PLEASANT PUMPKINThe festive season already has so many things that make it delightful for us all, but the presence of so many spooky stories of pumpkin presence only makes it all the more heightened. Your kiddo is going to love this Pumpkin Costume Hoodie no matter what time of the year, though Halloween is going to make it a prime pick!

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