Plus Fleece Bat Costume 2X


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Bats are known as being nefarious creatures of the night. When people see a bat the first thought that comes to most minds is ‘blood-sucker’. Well, let this be the year where that bad reputation is dropped, like guano from the top of a cave, dropped and forgotten. In order to help out these furry flyers, toss on this awesome Fleece Bat Costume!This cozy jumpsuit will make you into the most approachable bat flying through the party scene. You’ll look so soft and fuzzy that people won’t be able to help but be nice to you. Then, before they all realize it, BOOM! They’ll be best friends with a huge bat. Once you go bat, you never go back. That’s what everyone says in the caves, so just use your wit and charm to make tons of friends. Then you can finally give your fellow bats a good name! Grab a pair of black gloves along with some good dancing shoes and you’ll be ready to show everybody how a bat likes to boogie. Toss in a pair of vampire teeth for a little comedic effect and you’ll be ready for a Halloween night full of fun!If you’re ready to give people a whole new idea about bats then toss on this amazing Fleece Bat Costume. You’ll be the first bat that people don’t try to shoo out of the house with a broom or tennis racket! Just make sure you practice your echolocation, you don’t want to be flying into everybody on the dance floor.

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