Plus Size 20s Newsie Costume 2X


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What do you do when you gotta make some scratch to survive in 1920s New York City? You become a newsie news boy, obviously. And what do you do when you want a timeless throwback costume to relive some history? This Plus Size Newsies costume for men!You’ll be ready to hit the streets and let everybody know that there’s an extra edition available for a nickel when you go in this detailed costume. A exclusive, you can pair this look with your partner or friends to form a group theme of the roaring twenties. With gangsters, flappers, and a newsboy, you could have a whole family who’s secretly working for the mob!Whatever kind of story you cook up, we’re sure you’re going to feel like a throwback with this detailed costume. A wide collar plaid shirt tucks into cross hatched short pants that include attached suspenders for fit. A tweed-wool vest goes over the ensemble, and a matching driving cap completes the old-timey look. And as if that wasn’t enough to get you starting shilling the news, we also made sure to include a satchel carrier bag so you can carry all those extra editions around with you. (Pro tip: it also works pretty great for carrying around your party accessories, too!) Whatever kind of adventure you choose to undertake with this costume, we’re sure that it’s going to be a throwback blast. And you might just end up with a little extra coin in your pocket at the end of the night!

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