Plus Size American Indian Costume


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Design & DetailsMoccasins have to be one of the greatest inventions in all of human history. Certainly one of the most important developments in footwear over the centuries. Think about it: it’s basically a slipper you can wear outside. Who wouldn’t want that?! You’re relaxing at home on a lazy Saturday morning and you think “oh shoot, I’ve got to bring in the mail” (probably not the most pressing concern but just go with us on this). You’re so cozy in your slippers and pajama pants, you don’t want to have to put shoes on. Well, guess what! You don’t have to. Just get a pair of moccasins and walk right outside. Comfortable and warm, you’ll be protected from cold weather, rain, gravel, even the errant dog dropping (yuck). Which is why grabbing a pair of moccasins to go with this costume makes so much sense.Maybe you don’t want to wear animal parts. That makes sense. Don’t worry, because this outfit is 100% polyester. That’s right, no animal in there. And the fringe! Who doesn’t love the feel of a good fringe between their fingers? It has an almost hypnotizing effect running your fingers along it. Fringe and moccasins might be the best combination there is. Then again, the fringe has to be attached to something. Otherwise, you’re just sitting there naked. Which is why this fringe comes with pants and a shirt! Yes, those are included, for free with the fringe! How amazing is that?

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