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“Foxy” is a term we have grown accustomed to throughout popular culture, but what does it really mean? Some might describe it as ‘clever’, others as ‘mischievous’. The Spanish word for fox is zorro, if that helps. And if that word sounds familiar, don’t be surprised. There is also a heroic outlaw from-you guessed it-pop culture that went by the name Zorro. He used his intellect and calm demeanor to defeat many of his enemies, and he always looked good while doing so. Take a page out of Don Diego’s book of tricks, grab this Beautiful Bandida Costume and become the foxiest outlaw since McCulley’s fictional Hispanic hero!Now Zorro may have been a vigilante fighting for justice, freedom, love, or whatever but that’s not who you are, and, let’s not forget, it’s Halloween-a night meant for fun! So, rather than taking down bad guys, instead focus your energy on taking down bad times! Spread Halloween cheer while you run around town with this cute outfit. Use a goofy cape-flip to place smiles on the faces of all there to witness you. Draw out the laughter of good friends with some silly sword tricks… Now, we realize it may be safer to practice beforehand, however, we think that it may be a bit funnier if you just wing it. You could even add some mystery to other’s nights with a sassy eye-mask, and then add a dash of hilarity with some ridiculous antics. Perhaps after your night on the town, the world will broaden the definition of “foxy” once more!

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