Plus Size Blueberry Costume


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Have you ever gotten so full you felt like you were going to burst?Like after you ate a three course meal and somehow managed to stuff down that piece of blueberry pie (but shouldn’t have) and then you regretted it because you felt like your gut was inflating and full to bursting with all that good food? Like one more bite would cause your belt to burst and your stomach to explode?That’s how we imagine you’ll feel in this blueberry outfit. Because, let’s face it, if you were a blueberry this size? Well you’d be full of delicious blueberry juice, all ripe and tasty. We love fruit, particularly blueberries, so we understand why being a blueberry would be significant. That beautiful sapphire color? That fantastic rotundness? Exquisite. So if you feel a little fruity, perhaps you’re ready to don our Plus Size Blueberry Costume. This beauty has blue pull-over tunic, shaped with foam to be a large round berry. It has fabric sleeves, a jagged hem bottom, and a matching blue cap with a green stem (glove hands not included). You could even paint your face violet for the full blueberry effect. Just be careful you don’t fall on your side and roll away. Spherical things have the habit of doing that, and we wouldn’t want you to get squished! Can’t waist any of that amazing blueberry goodness!

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