Plus Size Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume


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Stay Out of the ForestA forest is a complicated place. No, we’re not talking ecology though we bet that’s complicated too. We’re talking tales. From horror stories to fairy tales, there are always reasons to stay out of the forest! In Hansel and Gretel, two kiddos are chased down by a sugar-crazed witch whom they find while walking through the trees. In other fantasy tales, the forest hides giant spiders, human-hating centaurs, and other perils and pitfalls. When you’re rocking this look you can finally warn people once and for all about the many dangerous things that await in the woods (particularly big bad wolves). Folks are sure to stay out of the forest when they hear your story!Details & DesignThis exclusive Red Riding Hood look is designed by our costume designers and is sure to make you feel like you’re stepping out of a storybook. The dress has a beautiful off-shoulder eyelet lace sleeves and a velvet, dirndl-style bodice. Matching white lace trims the white apron and hemline. The dress is topped with a flowing red cape that ties at the neck in a velvet-textured bow. The matching red hood has ruffles around the face to give you an extra timeless feel when you’re facing down the big bad wolf. Happily Ever AfterLittle Red Ridinghood doesn’t always have a happy ending, that doesn’t mean your night won’t! Pair this ensemble with a picnic basket and partner up with the wolf and there’s no more reason to fear the woods. That’s the idea behind, “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer,” after all! And if anything goes awry, we’ll give you the go ahead and ring grandma cause she sure isn’t going to let that big bad wolf get the worst of her granddaughter again!

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