Plus Size Dolphin Costume 2X


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We humans like to think we are the smartest creatures on the planet. But did you know that dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent creatures…well, almost as intelligent as we are that is. That’s what we’d like to think so at least.But you know better. Dolphins are quick witted creatures. But they aren’t only smart, they are pretty majestic too! Just look at how they sluice through the water. Their dermal fin breaking the surface of the water. And take a listen to their childish laugh. If you have never heard their lovely sound, just search it on YouTube, we’ll wait…..See! (Or rather ‘hear’.) It’s an awe inspiring sound. Now, you can be the next step in this magical creatures evolution.Okay, so you can’t actually “evolve” into a Land Dolphin, but you can pretend to be one. You can wear this Plus Size Dolphin Costume, and show off your highly evolved intelligence by imitating the sounds you heard on YouTube. You’ll be able to flap your fins around while walking upright! Take that “smart” humans! Ha! You will become the MOST intelligent creature to ever grace the face of the earth! Just don’t do anything diabolical with your human-dolphin smarts. You really should try to talk to the people who throw away the plastic can rings without cutting them–don’t just become a majestic evil human-dolphin overlord. We’re not sure we could handle that in our lives.

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