Plus Size Green Army Man Costume 2X


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All right soldier it’s time for battle. But, half the battalion is under the bed, one is stuck in the laundry machine, and you are the only one easily found!Being a little green army man is hard work. First of all, you are always covered in either grease from little hands, or boogers. Being left in a pocket can be a drowning risk during laundry time, unless a savior checks all pockets before throwing in pants. Cats are probably the biggest enemy of the green army men. They love to bat at soldiers with their fuzzy destructive claws, and hide them in odd places. However, once lined up for battle the green army men can really kick butt! You can be just like the toy soldier in the Plus Size Green Army Man Costume. Get ready to rage pretend war in a 100 percent polyester windbreaker fabric that has a shiny wet finish look to it. The shirt has two functional breast pockets to keep ammo in, and two faux pockets just to look good. Green pants are surely for a comfortable fit because they contain an elastic waistband. A belt is included that fastens with Hook and Loop fastener and comes with a pouch to slide on it. Also it contains green gloves, and a green helmet. Just add some green boots, a green gun, and an attitude. The Green Army Man comes in a range of sizes, so go as a battalion. March into glory with your green army men friends.

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