Plus Size KISS Demon Costume


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Your Inner DemonCan you imagine it? The glimmer of the lights shining down on you. The roar of the crowd as thousands of fans chant your name. The sight of countless arms waving in the air, anticipating your every move. The feeling of pure electricity as you pick up your bass guitar and sling it around your shoulder for the first song of your setlist. The rush of excitement that ripples through the masses as you play those first few thunderous notes… being Gene Simmons must feel like a dream.Of course, no one can really match Gene Simmons when it comes to stage presence or rock and roll lifestyle! The good news is that you can get a taste of what being a rock and roll god feels like when you wear this officially licensed KISS Demon Plus Size Costume.Product DetailsBased on his iconic stage costume, this KISS Demon Costume comes with everything you need (aside from killer bass guitar skills) to look like the rock legend! The black jumpsuit stretches to fit to help give you that authentic stage-ready look of the Demon. It fits with a zipper in the back and the deep v-neck adds a rebellious aura to the look. Plenty of silver accents, designed to look like metal studs, cover the front of the suit. The back features a demon wing style cape and the shoulders even have foam, silver spikes to complete the devilish look.The Face of a Rock DemonBrush up on your bass guitar skills, because when you wear this KISS costume, your fans are going to expect a thunderous bass groove from you! Of course, if you want to maximize your Gene Simmons experience, then be sure to grab one of our makeup kits to recreate his iconic makeup style.

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