Plus Size Lucky Leprechaun Costume for Men


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Irish EnchantmentMaybe we’re biased, but it seems like the Irish have some of the best magical creatures out there. Faerie folk are just so delightfully spiteful. People tried to treat them with respect by avoiding faerie trees, steering clear of fairy rings, and leaving them baked goods. But faeries, including Leprechauns, could get irritated rather easily. And if they did they might turn milk sour, sicken livestock, or cause a variety of mischief. Out of all the Irish fairies, why does the Leprechaun get so much love? That’s easy enough. They love to party! They love to dance so much that they’re the only fairies that make shoes because their soles are always wearing out. They’re talented at playing the tin whistle, the fiddle, and a Celtic drum called the bodhrán. While we wouldn’t suggest going to visit a Leprechaun under a faerie tree, that never ends up good, dressing up as a Leprechaun lets the faeries know that they aren’t forgotten and that you’re down to hang!Design & DetailsFestive is the name of the game when it comes to this Made by Us Leprechaun Costume. The kelly green color stands out while the traditional cut speaks of old-school Ireland. The tailcoat buttons at the waist with a brassy button. The short pants are cropped just under the knee, cinched with elastic. The elastic waistband of the pants is hidden away under the cummerbund. Polished off with a green bow tie and a top hat for a look that’s fit for any Faerie gathering!Bring Your Own WhistleAre you ready to bring a sense of old-world charm to this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day events? This look is polished and timeless. Complete your look with white knee-high socks, a white collared shirt, and a mischevious attitude. Just be sure to tie your dancing shoes nice and tight!

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