Plus Size Matador Costume 2X


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A Firm Grip on the HornsSome men cower in fear at the mere thought of confrontation! They hide in the corner when a real problem heads their way, but not you. No! You are a man of action! You are a man of passion! You have the confidence raging inside you that won’t let you sit down while trouble is racing straight for you! Yes, you are the type of fiery hombre who takes life by the horns.Details & DesignWell, now it’s time to dress up so everyone knows that you can stare a charging bull right in the eyes without even an inkling of fear. This Plus Size Matador costume helps you create a heroic look could tame even the wildest bull. It comes with a magnificent jacket that has plenty of subtle floral patterns on it, along with red trim around the edge. The black pants come with red accents down the side, which hint at your fiery passion that burns within! The red cape not only gives you a heroic look as it flaps in the wind, but it also doubles as a way to distract a charging bull! The included neck tie highlights your elegant nature and the hat… well, the hat is a necessary component to any matador costume!No BullOnce you have the whole ensemble on, you should have no problem taking on any of life’s problems head on—whether you have angry bull racing towards you or you simply have to face another weekend. Simply step out with the confidence of a man who’s faced endless fierce beasts in front of thousands of people. Whether you’re preparing for running with the bulls or you simply want to impress your friends at your next Halloween party, this costume is sure to be one of your favorites!

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