Plus Size Men’s Cow Costume


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The Barn Life Chose YouDo you long for the farm life? You know, hanging out in the barn, smelling that fresh, country air, and rising with the rooster’s crow? You could romp through the fields and if you get a little hungry, you could munch on a big ol’ stack of hay!Okay, so maybe eating hay doesn’t sound like a fun time, but the rest of the farm life sounds great. Maybe you could begin a new, simpler life on the farm by becoming a permanent resident at the farm… but you’ll need a new look to blend in with the rest of critters that chill out at the farm. You might just need this Plus Size Cow Costume to get ready for your new life at the farm!Design & DetailsOur costume designers love the idea of a leisurely trip to the countryside, so they crafted a costume that should help anyone fit in with the barnyard critters! This Made by Us cow costume comes with a black and white spotted jumpsuit made of a soft velour material. It fits with a simple zipper in the back, making it easy to change into. The front features a soft-sculpted udder, while the back has an attached tail with a faux fur tip. Finally, the hood fits with a fastener in front and features a pair of plush ears on the top to get you ready for your little journey to the farm.Moo-tifulWhether you want to visit the country incognito or you just want to look like an adorable cow for a day, this soft and cozy costume will have you feeling farm ready! Be sure to check out all of our farm fresh costumes, which can transform your whole family into a group of barnyard critters.

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