Plus Size Orange Tuxedo Costume


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Orange You Glad?You’ve seen them before. Those black and white tuxes. Despite looking rather dapper… they’re sort of boring, aren’t they? Shouldn’t they be a little more exciting? After all, you only really get to wear a tuxedo when you’re celebrating some kind of big event in your life, so shouldn’t they carry a real “wow” factor with them? Shouldn’t they be a happy color, like bright orange?Yeah, orange! Now we’re talking! That’s the sort of color you wear when you want to have fun. That’s the sort of color that shouts excitement, passion, and happiness. If you’re going to wear a tuxedo, ditch that old, drab color scheme and pick up this Orange Tuxedo Costume!Design & DetailsThe very vivid outfit is one of our many in-house costume designs! Our designers This Orange Tuxedo Costume comes with everything you need to look like one happy, dapper, chap! The costume comes with a tux jacket, a pair of pants, a bowtie, cummerbund, and shirt. Each one comes in a bright orange color, sure to spice up any formal even you have on the calendar! it’s a look that’s really sure to grab every eye in the room when you wear it.Proms, Dances, Weddings… Oh My!This Orange Tuxedo Costume has plenty of great uses! The high-quality outfit mimics the look of a real tuxedo with stunning fashion, that it fits right in at home in most formal events. If you’re headed to prom and you want something for a memorable night, then this bright suit can be just the ticket! It’s also a fun way to add some color to dances or a wacky way to celebrate a wacky wedding reception. Just make sure to add some or our bright colored tuxedo accessories to your look to complete the whimsical style!

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