Plus Size Realistic Caribbean Pirate Costume 2X


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We know it’s not polite to toot your own horn. But in our excitement about this exclusive Plus Size Realistic Caribbean Pirate Costume, we came up with a song about it!Fifteen-ish buttons on a pirate’s chest- Yo-ho-ho this costume is FUN!We think that this outfit looks the best- Yo-ho-ho this costume is FUN!It’s got a nice jacket and a pair of britches,A set of belts and a shirt with some stitches,And other great features, not least of which is Yo-ho-ho this costume is FUN!Well, you may not hear that one sounding out from the galley or the rigging anytime soon. But now that we’ve put the finishing touches on this great outfit, we should be able to spend much more time working on our sea shanties! It just doesn’t seem like there’s anything else we can do to improve this high-quality ensemble, which includes everything a corsair needs to get underway (except for some well-worn boots and his trusty hat, of course). And since buccaneers are all about swagger, and swagger is all about comfort, we’ve tailored this costume especially for plus size privateers. We’re kind of surprised that there aren’t more like it, since bigger pirates cut way more intimidating figures than the ones on the shrimpy side!Just keep in mind that you’ll have to supply your own cursed doubloons. It’s against the law (and pirate code) to send magical contraband through the mail, and we’re not quite ready to spend eternity in Davy Jones’ locker!

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