Plus Size Red Hot Riding Hood Costume for Women


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For the wolvesIt’s true that the wildlife around Little Red Riding Hood’s house was getting out of hand. Stealing from picnics and forgotten baskets has taught wolves that delicious treats can be found if they simply followed fairy tale characters in the woods. This is why The Little Red Riding Hood decided to rehabilitate the wolves around her area after the incident at Grandma’s house. She’s been trapping the mischevious beasts and setting them free, using psychological tactics to train wolves to dislike and fear picnic baskets and skipping little girls. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed! In fact, she’s received The Three Little Pig achievement award for two years in a row after wolf trickery went down ninety percent in her village and the surrounding area. If that’s not a great use of a happy ending, we don’t know what is!Details & DesignThis Little Red Riding Hood is ready for all sorts of adventures with a comfortable fit and plenty of flair. From our in-house designers, this unique take on the classic fairy tale character blends modern fashion with a timeless character. The top has a plunging neckline that is cinched by a wet-look corset that’s accented with red lacing. The flared skirt is trimmed with a white ruffle and pairs nicely with a petticoat. Topped off with a red cape, this Red Riding Hood costume will make for a colorful yet comfy costume this Halloween.A Cast of CharactersLiving a fairytale lifestyle is more fun than one might think. When Goldilocks, Hansel, and Gretel get together the woodsy adventure stories really start rolling! Want to make this a group costume worth writing home about? Find friends that want to dress up as other folk tale characters like Robin Hood and Bo Peep for a whole night of fun! Want to keep the Red Riding Hood theme? A wolf, granny, and woodsman will make the cast complete!

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