Plus Size Ruff and Tumble Werewolf Costume for Women


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Hair of the DogWhen your friend offered you a little hair of the dog to recover from a rough night, you thought she was going to offer you a Bloody Mary. A few minutes later she came out of the kitchen with a steaming bowl of hairy gruel that smelled like death warmed over. Then she showed you the bite on your shoulder that strangely didn’t hurt. And while she warned you that if you didn’t down the gruel before noon, you might have to face a lifetime of losing control during the full moon, you just couldn’t stomach it. So when the next month rolled around, you started noticing some changes. You went to your local dive bar and ordered rare burger after rare burger. You would howl at the littlest inconvenience. And finally, one morning you woke up in the middle of the woods feeling exhausted like you had been running all night. Then again, you felt so satisfied. Maybe the werewolf lifestyle wasn’t so bad after all!Details & DesignOur in-house designers had fun putting together this sassy werewolf costume. It combines the classic torn-up Buffalo plaid with rich faux fur trim. Notice the difference in our faux fur. Unlike other companies, we trim our fur to have an uneven, natural appearance along the hem while other companies often cut their faux fur straight. This costume has a lush tail in back, bloodied grey leggings, and a tunic that’s cut at just the right length. Topped off with wolf ears, you’re sure to have a howling good time in this high-quality classic werewolf costume. From Growling to HowlingAre you looking for a costume that’ll allow you to let your most animalistic emotions loose on Halloween night? Perfect for jaunting around under a moonlit sky on a brisk October night, this costume is sure to make your wolfish howls seem right at home!

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