Plus Size Village People Police Costume 2X


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Did you know that you can’t stop the music,, no, you can’t stop the music!Turns out the Village People were right all those years ago. You really can’t stop the music. You can’t stop it from changing with the times, nor can you stop people from listening to good music from the decades past.What we can change though is the way we dress. We all take ourselves way too seriously now a days. Suit jackets, and slacks. Ties, and patent leather shoes. We don’t take the time to express ourselves like other generations have. No, but we can start. You can start. All you have to do find the right outfit, the perfect level of silly. Something that says you aren’t afraid of having a good time, you aren’t afraid of taking that tie off.Something like this Plus Size Village People Police Costume will let you get in touch with your funny freaky side. When you put on this white shirt, and helmet, you will be ready to start dancing in the street to the YMCA. You’ll be calling all your friends to come out and celebrate. To come out and have a good time…with out their leather shoes. You will remind people that you really can’t stop the music, or a good time. So, grab the fake handcuffs, and go party like it was 1978!

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