Plus Size Women’s Carmen Sandiego Costume | Exclusive


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Lady in RedCarmen Sandiego can do it all. She’s quite comfortable sipping coffee in a café in Milan, but she’s just as comfortable plotting the perfect heist in London.?She’s earned her number one place on ACME’S Most Wanted list by outsmarting any detective who tries to catch her. So, what’s her secret? How does she do it all and get away with it? It’s all in her captivating style sense.Her brilliant red attire is both elegant and functional. It’s both bold and understated. It’s an enigma, much like the iconic woman herself! That means she looks fantastic when she’s relaxing in a coffee shop and when she’s stealing a priceless treasure. Now, you can acquire that versatile style for yourself when you wear this women’s Carmen Sandiego costume.Design & DetailsTaking cues from the world’s greatest thief, this officially licensed Carmen Sandiego costume is a charismatic plus size version of her outfit. It comes with a vibrant red coat with yellow buttons in the front. The matching belt fits around the waist and the yellow scarf adds a daring pop of color to the look. Add the red fedora to the look and you’ll look absolutely fedorable wearing this outfit!Costume CunningOnce you’ve slipped into this exclusive costume, ACME will be hot on your trail. Don’t worry, though. This Carmen Sandiego costume will have you feeling cunning enough to outwit any gumshoe who tries to unravel your master plans.

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