Plus Size Women’s Cheetah-Licious Costume


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You won’t need to roar to get anyone’s attention in this outfit-which is a good thing, because cheetahs CAN’T roar. The smallest of the big cats, a cheetah can purr with the best and biggest of them, but roaring is absolutely out of the question. Don’t worry, what they lack in loud lamentations they make up for in land speed. So, what else can’t a cheetah do, you may ask? A cheetah can’t make a sandwich, make a date online, make sense of politics, or make amends. Cheetahs are not known for their DIY skills, their Indian cooking skills, their dub step, nor their classical violin. Cheetahs have proven terrible-historically-at tennis, badminton, downhill skiing, baseball, basketball, water polo, and fencing (though they’re surprisingly decent lugers). Basically, a cheetah lacks a lot of your skill set, but no matter-this Plus Size Women’s Cheetah-Licious Costume is bound to keep you cozy and cute as could be this Halloween season! You are sure to purr (not roar, remember?) the moment you slip into this chic cat ensemble. The pretty hooded velvet pullover dress will help gather a group of pals to your side as they admire the iconic spots and fancy faux-fur trim. The printed boots covers alone are enough to show off your killer style instinct, and best of all, the whole outfit is oh-so-comfy. So swish your tail as you place your homemade cake atop the party table (baking is yet another skill the cheetahs have yet to develop) and let the party come to you-you don’t need to roar to show this bash that you’re a boss!

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