Plus Size Women’s Police Shirt Costume 1X 2X 3X

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The Party LawsSomeone has to uphold the party laws! What are the party laws? Well, first, good music must always be playing. If the tunes stop, well that’s a clear infraction of the rules. Second, some tasty snacks are a must. A party without some good snacks is another violation of the party laws. Finally, everyone needs to be wearing a costume that they love! Are you ready to make sure that everyone follows the rules? Well, then you’re ready to be a member of the party police.Design & DetailsOur in-house designers wanted to design a Police shirt that would be great for putting together a DIY police uniform. They studied plenty of different cop outfits and came up with this simple Police Costume Shirt, which comes in a plus size to ensure a comfortable fit. The button-up style pairs well with many different costume accessories, so you can just add a police hat (sold separately) to craft your own cop cosplay look.. The shirt has a Police badge on one side and features a colorful law enforcement shield on the other. With a hip-length cut, you can tuck this look in with black pants or a pencil skirt or head out untucked and casual!

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